Isle Royale Map

Map of Isle Royale National Park: Click to see large
Map of Isle Royale National Park

Description: This map shows islands, bays, rivers, lakes, peaks, roads, trails, no wake zones, ranger stations, lodging, campsites, food service, stores, marinas, self-guiding trails, lighthouses, lookout towers, overnight docks, points of interest, viewpoints and visitor centers in Isle Royale National Park.
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Isle Royale Location Map

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Isle Royale tourist map

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Isle Royale tourist map

Isle Royale area road map

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Isle Royale area road map

About Isle Royale

State: Michigan.
Counties: Keweenaw.
Area: 571,790 acres (2,314 sq km).
Google Map of Isle Royale

Trails in Isle Royale National Park

  • Stoll Memorial Trail
  • Feldtmann Lake Loop Trail
  • Tobin Harbor Trail
  • Grace Creek Overlook
  • Suzy's Cave Trail
  • Mount Ojibway Trail
  • Minong Ridge Trail
  • Lake Richie Trail
  • Rock Harbor Trail
  • Greenstone Ridge Trail
  • Daisy Farm Trail
  • Stoll Trail

Campgrounds in Isle Royale National Park

  • East Chickenbone Campground
  • Daisy Farm Campground
  • Feldtmann Lake Campground
  • Island Mine Campground
  • Little Todd Campground
  • Moskey Basin Campground
  • Three Mile Campground
  • West Chickenbone Campground
  • North Desor Campground
  • Hatchet Lake Campground
  • Lake Richie Campground
  • Malone Bay Campground
  • Rock Harbor Campground
  • Todd Harbor Campground
  • Chippewa Harbor Campground
  • South Lake Desor Campground
  • Huginnin Cove Campground
  • Lane Cove Campground
  • McCargoe Cove Campground
  • Siskiwit Bay Campground
  • Washington Creek Campground

Visitor Centers in Isle Royale National Park

  • Houghton Visitor Center
  • Rock Harbor Visitor Center
  • Windigo Visitor Center

Main Tourist Attractions in Isle Royale

  • Rock Harbor
  • Rock Island Lighthouse
  • Suzy's Cave
  • Scoville Point
  • Pete Edisen Fishery
  • Lookout Louise
  • Windigo Visitor Center
  • Greenstone Ridge Trail
  • Passage Island

Last Updated: February 01, 2024