Badlands Map

Map of Badlands National Park: Click to see large
Map of Badlands National Park

Description: This map shows rivers, roads, trails, lodging, campgrounds, restaurants, picnic areas, stores, distance indicators, restrooms, points of interest, ranger stations, viewpoints and visitor centers in Badlands National Park.
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Badlands Location Map

Full size Badlands Location Map

Online Map of Badlands

Detailed Maps of Badlands National Park

Badlands trail and camping map

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Badlands trail and camping map

Badlands Cedar Pass Area Map

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Badlands Cedar Pass Area Map

Badlands area road map

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Badlands area road map

About Badlands

State: South Dakota.
Area: 242,756 acres sq mi (982 sq km).
Google Map of Badlands National Park

Main trails in Badlands National Park

  • Castle Trailhead
  • Notch Trailhead
  • Cliff Shelf Trailhead
  • Deer Haven Trailhead
  • Window Trailhead
  • Door Trailhead
  • Fossil Exhibit Trailhead
  • Saddle Pass Trailhead
  • Medicine Root Trailhead

Campgrounds in Badlands National Park

  • Cedar Pass Campground
  • Sage Creek Campground

Main Tourist Attractions in Badlands

  • Loop Road
  • Notch Trail
  • Badlands Wall
  • Roberts Prairie Dog Town
  • Big Badlands Overlook
  • Ben Reifel Visitor Center
  • Yellow Mounds Overlook
  • Pinnacles Overlook
  • Door Trail
  • Sage Creek Wilderness Area
  • Sheep Mountain Table Road
  • White River Valley Overlook

Last Updated: January 31, 2024