Great Basin Map

Map of Great Basin National Park: Click to see large
Map of Great Basin National Park

Description: This map shows bristlecone pine area, no camping area, peaks, rivers, lakes, roads, trails, ranger stations, campgrounds, lodging, food service, RV sanitary station, wildlife viewing, fishing, primitive campsites, restaurants, picnic areas, self-guiding trails, restrooms, points of interest, viewpoints and visitor centers in Great Basin National Park.
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Great Basin Location Map

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Online Map of Great Basin

Detailed Maps of Great Basin National Park

Great Basin tourist map

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Great Basin tourist map

Great Basin trail and camping map

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Great Basin trail and camping map

Great Basin area road map

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Great Basin area road map

About Great Basin National Park

State: Nevada.
Counties: White Pine.
Area: 77,180 acres (312 sq km).
Google Map of Great Basin

Trails in Great Basin National Park

  • Dead Lake
  • Mountain View Nature Trail
  • Timber Creek Trail
  • Johnson Lakes Loop
  • Alpine Lakes Loop
  • Big Wash Trail
  • Snake Creek Overlook
  • Serviceberry Trail
  • Baker Creek Loop
  • Johnson Lake from Baker Creek
  • Hike Pole Canyon
  • Wheeler Peak
  • Baker Lake
  • Upper Strawberry Trail
  • Johnson Lake from Snake Creek
  • Shoshone ADA Trail
  • Lehman Creek Trail
  • Glacier
  • Wheeler Bristlecone Grove
  • ADA Sky Island Forest Trail
  • Lexington Arch
  • Sage Steppe Loop
  • Snake Divide Route
  • Highland Route

Campgrounds in Great Basin National Park

  • Lower Lehman Creek Campground
  • Baker Creek Campground
  • Upper Lehman Creek Campground
  • Grey Cliffs Campground
  • Wheeler Peak Campground
  • Snake Creek Campgrounds

Visitor Centers in Great Basin National Park

  • Lehman Caves Visitor Center
  • Great Basin Visitor Center

Main Tourist Attractions in Great Basin

  • Lehman Caves
  • Bristlecone Trails
  • Baker Lake
  • Lehman Creek
  • Wheeler Peak
  • Stella Lake
  • Teresa Lake
  • Serviceberry Trail
  • Alpine Lakes Loop
  • Summit Trail
  • Mather Overlook
  • Lexington Arch

Last Updated: February 01, 2024