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Venezuela Location Map

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About Venezuela

Venezuela is officially named the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and located in South America (northern coast). It is a federal presidential republic that consists of 23 states. The neighbors are Brazil in the south, Colombia in the west, the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago in the north-west, and Guyana in the east.

The capital and largest city is Caracas. The official language is Spanish. It used to be one of the first American-Spanish colonies.

Venezuela has a poor economy and has problems with inflation, high criminality and market shortages. Although the country has oil and it is one of the leading exporters in oil.

The Facts:
Capital: Caracas
Area: 353,841 sq mi (916,445 sq km)
Population: ~ 31,000,000
Official language: Spanish
Religion: 92.6% Christianity
— 80.5% Roman Catholic
— 11.2% Protestant
5.5% No religion
1.1% Spiritism
Ethnic groups: 51.6% Moreno
43.6% White
3.6% Afro-Venezuelan
1.2% Others
Currency: Venezuelan bolívar (official)
United States dollar (de-facto)
Driving side: right
Calling code: +58
Internet TLD: .ve
Time zone: UTC−4 (VET)
Official government website:

Largest cities: Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracay, Ciudad Guayana, Maturín, Barcelona, Cumaná, Barinas, Ciudad Bolívar, San Cristóbal, Cabimas, Los Teques, Puerto la Cruz, Punto Fijo, Mérida, Guarenas, Ciudad Ojeda, Guanare, Coro, Porlamar, Juan Griego.

Islands: Margarita Island, Los Roques.

Google Map of Venezuela

States of Venezuela

State Capital Population Area in sq km
Amazonas Puerto Ayacucho 200,000 180,145
Anzoátegui Barcelona 1,650,000 43,300
Apure San Fernando de Apure 590,000 76,500
Aragua Maracay 1,700,000 7,014
Barinas Barinas 850,000 35,200
Bolívar Ciudad Bolívar 1,750,000 238,000
Carabobo Valencia 2,250,000 4,650
Cojedes San Carlos 350,000 14,800
Delta Amacuro Tucupita 210,000 40,200
Falcón Coro 1,050,000 24,800
Guárico San Juan de los Morros 900,000 64,986
Lara Barquisimeto 1,950,000 19,800
Mérida Mérida 900,000 11,300
Miranda Los Teques 3,100,000 7,950
Monagas Maturín 1,000,000 28,930
Nueva Esparta La Asunción 600,000 1,150
Portuguesa Guanare 1,100,000 15,200
Sucre Cumaná 1,100,000 11,800
Táchira San Cristóbal 1,200,000 11,100
Trujillo Trujillo 780,000 7,400
La Guaira La Guaira 360,000 1,496
Yaracuy San Felipe 700,000 7,100
Zulia Maracaibo 4,000,000 63,100

Last Updated: November 09, 2023