Austria States Map

This map shows borders of federal states, names of federal states of Austria.
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Federal states of Austria:

Federal state Capital Area Population
Burgenland Eisenstadt 1,531 sq mi (3,965 sq km) 302,000
Carinthia Klagenfurt 3,682 sq mi (9,536 sq km) 570,000
Lower Austria Sankt Pölten 7,405 sq mi (19,178 sq km) 1,700,000
Salzburg Salzburg 2,762 sq mi (7,154 sq km) 563,000
Styria Graz 6,332 sq mi (16,401 sq km) 1,255,000
Tyrol Innsbruck 4,883 sq mi (12,648 sq km) 775,000
Upper Austria Linz 4,626 sq mi (11,982 sq km) 1,530,000
Vienna - 160 sq mi (415 sq km) 1,950,000
Vorarlberg Bregenz 1.004 sq mi (2,601 sq km) 402,000

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Last Updated: November 15, 2023