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About Kitchener

The Facts:
Province: Ontario.
Population: ~ 270,000.
Metropolitan population: ~ 600,000.
Districts: Downtown, Westmount, Cherry Hill, Mount Hope, Breithaupt Park, Northward, Bridgeport, Bridgeport West, Bridgeport North, Beechwood Forest, Forest Heights, Forest Hill, Victoria Hills, Highland West/Highland Hills, Central Frederick, Heritage Park, Rosemount, Grand River Village North, Auditorium, Old Berlin, Country Hills West, Huron Park, Laurentian Hills, Laurentian West, Williamsburg, Southdale, Centreville, Sunnyside, Kingsdale, Rockway, Alpine Village, Country Hills, Country Hills East, Doon, Pioneer Park, Pioneer Tower West, Brigadoon, Deer Ridge, Cedar Hill, Chicopee, Idlewood, Lackner Woods, Stanley Park, Eastwood, Grand River Village.

Main sights: Kitchener City Hall, Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum, Waterloo Pioneer Memorial Tower, House of Industry and Refuge, The Old City Hall Clock Tower, Victoria Park, Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort, St. Mary Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows Church, Woodside National Historic Site, Historic St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

Last Updated: November 10, 2023