Belgium Provinces Map

This map shows country boundaries, provincial boundaries, province names in Belgium.
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Provinces of Belgium:

Province Capital Area Population Region Community
Antwerp Antwerp 1,110 sq mi (2,876 sq km) 1,870,000 Flemish Region Flemish Community
East Flanders Ghent 1,161 sq mi (3,007 sq km) 1,520,000 Flemish Region Flemish Community
Flemish Brabant Leuven 818 sq mi (2,118 sq km) 1,150,000 Flemish Region Flemish Community
Limburg Hasselt 937 sq mi (2,427 sq km) 880,000 Flemish Region Flemish Community
West Flanders Bruges 1,234 sq mi (3,197 sq km) 1,200,000 Flemish Region Flemish Community
Hainaut Mons 1,472 sq mi (3,813 sq km) 1,350,000 Walloon Region French Community
Liège Liège 1,489 sq mi (3,857 sq km) 1,110,000 Walloon Region French Community, German-speaking Community
Luxembourg Arlon 1,722 sq mi (4,459 sq km) 290,000 Walloon Region French Community
Namur Namur 1,419 sq mi (3,675 sq km) 500,000 Walloon Region French Community
Walloon Brabant Wavre 424 sq mi (1,097 sq km) 410,000 Walloon Region French Community
Brussels Capital Region Brussels City 63 sq mi (162 sq km) 1,210,000 Brussels-Capital Region Flemish Community, French Community

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Last Updated: November 15, 2023